Hatched Egg Special - Easter 2019

Total Numbers...

TypeTotal DeployedNumber CappedCapture rate %
Hatched White Eggs... 6,1755,26985.33% captured
Hatched Blue Eggs... 1,8081,70694.36% captured
Hatched Red Eggs... 1,7791,68294.55% captured
Hatched Yellow Eggs... 1,7821,69094.84% captured
Total Hatched Eggs... 11,54410,34789.63% captured

Strange but true... a few hatched eggs were capped more than once!
How is that even possible? This accounts for the small descrepancy vs the caps by type in Statzee!


The map gets really sluggish when there are 11,500 individual pins on it...
As a quick fix, I split the world into 3 zones. Click on any zone to explore the interactive map for that zone.

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