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The closest 'special' munzees...

20,792 specials were selected by your filter. The map shows 300 pins. 30 specials are listed below.

Unable to show capped status of mythologicals, no player name given

Host MunzeeHost ownerName / TypeMyth. ownerExpiryDistanceCaptured?
FAT #22129HunnyBun7700 hrs 00 min1 miles-
Georiffles' MVM - Chesil BeachGeorifflestandemtwins00 hrs 00 min1 miles-
Georiffles' Southwell SkylandGeoriffles🇬🇧 England 🇬🇧 #438Cazmo00 hrs 00 min2 miles-
1H217 - Hillbourne RdGeorifflesTurtle #7584mandello00 hrs 00 min3 miles-
Virtual Munzee End of the lineRaggedRobinGeoLoggers RUMbot #54snakelips00 hrs 00 min4 miles-
1c496dorsetknobunicornunicycle00 hrs 00 min4 miles-
LP 8 cover HerbieZeecret Agent Nomad00 hrs 00 min11 miles-
Lp1p046nuttynanRetired Dragon Munzee #890shellshell00 hrs 00 min11 miles-
Dorchester lpCCrosserButterfly #22203halizwein00 hrs 00 min11 miles-
Back of display boardWriteAndManeGarden Gnome #4663AnWi00 hrs 00 min17 miles-
George StreetdorsetknobGarden Gnome #3498Vonney00 hrs 00 min18 miles-
4c10dorsetknobSpyderbot #75962NurseK00 hrs 00 min18 miles-
482 feet high CraftyslhRetired Leprechaun Munzee #248ka00 hrs 00 min19 miles-
Black lamp postHogglespikeFrog #11785Jenjenbest00 hrs 00 min20 miles-
LP 24SLILYGRIMALDISt. Louis Cardinal’s Flat Matt #22Geodude00 hrs 00 min22 miles-
big firUbiqueJellyfish #30277TSwag00 hrs 00 min22 miles-
Poole pilsleyguypilsleyguytandemtwins00 hrs 00 min24 miles-
Sandbanks Celebration D&H 1 Virtual #3JamspongeandouzySpyderbot #75468Theonlybg00 hrs 00 min24 miles-
Mystery Virtual Munzee Museum RaggedRobinSpyderbot #77255STRDMPR00 hrs 00 min24 miles-
Green DustyPixiewixTurtle #7422Shun7900 hrs 00 min25 miles-
Lyns old home along heresethnlynBaby Panda #877ryo6200 hrs 00 min25 miles-
Excelsior lpHerbieTrojan Unicorn #33866Pauljollymour00 hrs 00 min25 miles-
Virtual MunzeesethnlynBaby Panda #1517Aniara00 hrs 00 min25 miles-
redlands stroll 4LILYGRIMALDIButterfly #21746Glassrat00 hrs 00 min26 miles-
SHORTER GREEN BOXLILYGRIMALDIGarden Gnome #1880Volotec00 hrs 00 min26 miles-
Inside end silver railingdorsetknobGarden Gnome #1834Airwolf2600 hrs 00 min27 miles-
Lp 4 shamrock 🌈 🚕rainbowtaxiHelene ❤ #496ChickenRun00 hrs 00 min27 miles-
Bournemouthtaxi343tandemtwins00 hrs 00 min27 miles-
LP 42 coverMaryShelleyunicornunicycle00 hrs 00 min28 miles-
Castleman Trail WestCaptainKiddAlbino Baby Panda #121mforrest700 hrs 00 min28 miles-

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