Yearly and Monthly Leaderboard Medal Winners List:

The top 3 each month so far in 2020 haven't been awarded these badges! I think this is an oversight by MHQ???

Yearly 1st, 2nd and 3rd Overall - 2019

OldSchoolSkater hunniees dt07751

Monthly 1st, 2nd and 3rd Overall - 2019

June: olemaggie JackSparrow ChickenRun
July: valmie Godspeed1074 Herbie
August: Godspeed1074 valmie Ovaldas
September: OldSchoolSkater mandello Herbie
October: Whelen Herbie OldSchoolSkater
November: OldSchoolSkater hmmm dt07751
December: OldSchoolSkater EagleDadandXenia alohakas

Monthly 1st, 2nd and 3rd Overall - 2020

January: GrandpaArvada q22q17 hunniees
February: bordentaxi feikjen felixbongers
March: Westies sickman humbird7
April: humbird7 Gmoore17 GoofyButterfly
May: dt07751 hunniees humbird7
June: humbird7 danielle41101 Robelwilson
July: hunniees dt07751 humbird7